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Inverter batteries are a critical component of your inverter setup. Batteries cost a significant chunk of money. In fact, the inverter battery bank, in all cases, is the bigger cost component. Battery replacement could be traumatic, especially if premature, because a huge cost is involved. Most inverter users have found their biggest challenge with their batteries. With so much expenditure going into inverter battery purchase, you certainly desire that your batteries last long enough to justify your investment. Sadly, inverter batteries often fail. Sometimes too soon. That's quite killing, as money is literally poured down the drain. The lesson: choosing inverter batteries properly is key to enjoying your inverter system. All inverter batteries are not equal! Having sold and installed inverters for several years, we know a thing or two about inverter battery performnce and the battery brands available here in Nigeria. We certainly know, reasonably well, what batteries work well. And we want you to benefit from that knowledge and experience. That's why we stock batteries that have been tested and proven to perform well. If you really want a good battery brand, you won't go wrong with any of the inverter batteries we offer here. WHICH IS BETTER: AGM SMF INVERTER BATTERY OR THE TUBULAR INVERTER BATTERY AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are the sealed, maintenance-free, SMF, dry-cell batteries. The tubular batteries are flooded batteries, also called wet-cell batteries. Both inverter battery options have the upside and downside. Sealed, maintenance-free batteries are more hassle-free, requiring just minimal maintenance, spill-free and surely better for the environment. Tubular compensate for the maintenance trouble with a more rugged composition, delivering better performance and longer life. Whether you opt for the tubular battery for more value, or the SMF battery type for more convenience, you have the leading battery brands here to choose from. Here are some batteries that have a track record of good performance, which you can choose from.
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