TESCOM 10KVA Online Inverter W Strong


Cyclone CL100 DSP Series UPS are single phase in/single phase out, IGBT rectifier, Intelligent Power Module technology based, high input power factor, low THDI and DSP controlled.

• Transformerless UPS topology

• IPM power module

• High input power factor > 0,98

• DSP controlled system

• Full digital control system

• Tower and rack type options

• PID control system

• Low input current value (THDI < 5%)

• High efficiency (up to 93%)

• Cold start function

• Static by-pass system

• Optional maintenance by-pass switch

• Optional split by-pass system

• VAT transfer (voltage adaptive transfer)

• Output overload and short circuit protection

• External REPO input

• 128 events (5000 alarms) memory

• Clock, calender and operating hourmeter

• Advanced automatic battery test

• Boost charge system

• Temperature compansated charge system

• RS232 port and dry contact relays

• Easy output voltage and frequency selection

• Optional SNMP adaptor

• 2 years warranty

• 10 years spare parts support

Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 5.9 x 2.15 x 5.9 cm


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