Lento 5KVA/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Our products are the outcome of passion of a few young and enthusiastic technocrats. Since its inception the company has conquered new horizons and set new standards for the industry. Cutting-edge technology and international class of manufacturing facilities and total focus on quality and testing ensure that all out inverters & UPS gives sustained trouble free performance for a long time.
Intelligent battery charger for deep discharged battery.
ASIC Control for more backup being a sine wave UPS.
No humming noise.
Selector switch for normal/UPS.
Advance battery management for longer battery life and prevent battery from overcharging.
Comprehensive LCD display to show all system parameters.
Pure sine wave output even on CFL like load.
DSP based which result proper control on voltage and current.
Field failure ratio (Less than 1%) the most reliable product of industry in India as per industry feedback.


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